Our Vision (What We See)

Our passion moved us to vision (what we see) which is to “Build People” through our intergenerational campus. This will be accomplished by networking and providing community service projects, storytelling, senior and active adult living, student ministries and life coaching, skill set training, Christ discovery, self-discovery and intergenerational worship.


Our Passion Moves Our Vision

“Building People” has always been Westmore’s heart and Vision. Our Vision moves us to build and complete our Intergenerational Campus which is designed to enhance Intergenerational Relationships and facilitates Intergenerational Mentoring! The campus presently hosts the 17,000-square foot Element Building (student ministries facility), a community consisting of thirty-six active adult homes called The Heritage Place, and an assisted living center, called the Legacy Village of Cleveland, designed to honor our fathers and mothers. The Westmore Family is presently constructing its 53,000 + square foot facility so that all generations can converge and become the community of faith God put in the Westmore Family’s heart.