Westmore Men

1 Sam. 22 – Band of Misfits to Men of Valor.

Men on a quest for authentic, biblical, manhood.

The Caveman’s Club, aka Men’s Ministry, is for men (ages 18 – 80+) who are ready for an adventurous quest to reclaim authentic, biblical manhood.

Lead – Love – Link (up)


Who Do You Think You Are?

Authentic manhood has been under attack for decades. Movies, television, and the press have marginalized and portrayed men as buffoons, mama’s boys, and worse. Sadly, many men have quietly bought into these characterizations, giving up their status as leaders, providers, and champions of worthy causes. As a members of the Cave Man Club Fraternity, we believe men — real men — are ready to throw off mainstream society’s chains and embrace the ideals of God-given manhood.

We believe authentic manhood is fully expressed when a man lives a passion-filled life, fully devoted to his God, his family and his pursuit of real, life-changing purpose. The life of authentic manhood can be developed when a man must pursue the distinct purposes or passions which every strong man has within himself. This is a life-long quest that begins with a single step.  Each member joins a brotherhood who provides both affirmation and accountability as they blaze the trail of manhood.

Cave Man Club seeks to help men:  IDENTITY – POSITION – PASS it ON

  1. LEAD – Home – father and husband / Church / Community – business / World
  2. LOVE – relationship with Christ – accountability and affirmation (Dream Team); we are most like Christ when we serve
  3. LINK (up) – with each other in community so that “iron sharpens iron.”

4 Key Marks of  Cave Dweller’s

  • They pursue ADVENTURE – always looking for new trails and seek new challenges and invite others on the journey.
  • They walk ACCOUNTABLE – they never hike alone.  They are submitted to a band of brothers and flee from isolation.
  • They fight for HONOR – fighting passionately to defend the weak and less fortunate. They treat women with deep respect and heroic in his defense of children.
  • They aspire to be FAITHFUL – the don’t veer to the left or right they stay on the narrow path. They fight for the marital covenant “ until death do they part.”

Foundation Passages: Prov. 27:17, 1 Kings 2:2; 1 Cor. 16:13-14

The Strategy:

  • Caveman’s Club Weekly Meeting
    • Dates: Wednesdays
    • Times: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
    • Location: 2235 Candies Lane – Legacy Senior Living, Office Plex (downstairs)
  • The Caveman’s Feast:
    • Dates: 5th Saturday of the month (August 31, November 30, February 29, May 30)
    • Location: TBD each month
  • Caveman’s Retreats:
    • Date: January 17-20, 2020
    • Location: Winterplace, WV
    • What: Ski/Snowboard Retreat
    • Cost: $350
  • Caveman’s Conference: Stronger Men Conference
    • Location: Springfield, MO
    • Cost: $95 + Hotel/Food
  • Operation Caveman CARE: Service Projects
    • Dates; September, December, June
  • Cavemen in the WILD:
    • Hikes, Fishing & Hunting trips, Sporting events

Robert Green – Director of Caveman’s Club:

Robert grew up in Florida and at the age of 17, as a senior in High School he surrendered his life to Jesus and began pursuing a call to ministry. After spending a 4yr stint in the U.S. Army serving along side the 10th Special Forces Group he met his wife Teresa and they began a life of ministry. Robert served as a Church of God Evangelist and a Youth Pastor first in Florida and then in Tennessee. For 13 years he served as Westmore’s Student Pastor and now currently serves as the Area Director of the Ocoee Region FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). He is a chaplain for Lee University Baseball and a sought after speaker for camps, men’s conferences, and corporate leadership training. His greatest passion is discipling men and he is the founder of the Caveman’s Club, a ministry designed to help men discover authentic biblical masculinity. The Caveman’s Club serves as the hub for Westmore Men’s Ministry and is also branched out to churches in five different states.

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