Active. Enjoying Life.

The Legacy 55+ Active Adults group is an energetic group of Boomers (55-69) and Builders (70- ) directed by Pastor Phillip W. Looney, Minister of Intergenerations.  Plans for this ministry are as diverse as the ages themselves.

There certainly are differences between the 55-year-old who is still working, currently has children in college, as well as taking care of an older parent, compared to the 80-year-old retiree.  Our goal is to minister effectively to these active adult groups and to allow our group to continue to add to the kingdom.


Born Before 1945
This is a generation that values traditional values such as financial prudence, interpersonal respect, determination, hard work ethic, and resilience. 



Born Between 1946-64
This generation boomed with the spike in birth rates after World War II. Boomers are defined by their value in relationships, are goal centric, self-assured and know for being resourceful.



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55+ NewsLetter Desk 07

Phillip Looney

Seniors and Active Adults Pastor