Our Mission (What We Do)

What the Westmore Family commits to “doing” everyday contributes to the potential reality of the fulfillment of The Westmore vision. Desiring to state our mission (what we do) with clarity much prayer and consideration has been given to the following mission statement:


Westmore is…

a community of faith,
reaching with care,
nurturing with Word and
worshipping with passion.

  • Community means common-unity. The Westmore Family seeks daily to find its common-unity in doctrine (what we believe) and direction (where we’re going). Community for The Westmore Family also means that we seek intentional unity among the races, genders, generations, social and economic classes.
  • Reaching with Care is offered daily by The Westmore Family through benevolence, hospital and home visits, grief care, counseling, spiritual guidance, prayer, service, etc.
  • Nurturing with Word is offered daily through Bible studies, life coaching, television, Facebook live and other social media venues, teaching, preaching, leadership coaching, etc.
  • Worshipping with Passion is experienced daily as The Westmore Family “serves with gladness” (Psalm 100:3). Personal worship is encouraged daily while corporate worship can also be experienced daily with the Westmore Family with all of its media outlets. Emphasis is placed on “God-centered” worship, which means preaching, music, sacraments and all worship methods must seek to glorify Christ.