Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Westmore Church is blessed to offer you the Spiritual Gifts Assessment. Through this survey, you will discover which gifts God has given you and find ways to implement your specific gifts in the life of the Church. You will discover your top five Working Gifts (indicative of abilities you may be using most in your current season) and your top five Waiting Gifts (indicative of abilities that are sort of “on the shelf” but perhaps will come to the forefront later).

Completing the survey will let our Pastoral Staff see your abilities. The survey will take approximately 20–25 minutes and is suggested to be completed at one time. Click the button below and follow the registration prompts, then begin taking the Spiritual Gifts Assessment. You will need to create a username (can be your email, without spaces) and a password (must contain capital and lowercase letters, at least 1 number, and at least 1 non-numeric character).