Music Academy

Westmore Music Academy began in the Fall of 2004. Westmore Church of God has so many talented musicians that we wanted to pass on our musical knowledge to the community and to ensure that Westmore’s newer generations continue to hold music as a high standard.

The Academy offers the Cleveland area instruction in the development of musical skills which bring enrichment to life and increased opportunities for Christian Ministry. Through private and group lessons students receive training in note reading, music theory and aural discrimination while gaining knowledge of instrumental practice techniques.

Private lessons are available for piano and voice, as well as, interest in other musical instruments. Music Academy students play in 2 recitals a year and can also be entered in local competitions. Piano instructors are Rita Ready and Judy Warrington, with voice instructors, Vera Voznyuk and Rhea Marshall.

Westmore Music Academy is open for enrollment!

Area of Interests

For more information contact Academy Director, Rita Ready at 423-599-9789 or at View the Westmore Music Academy brochure by clicking here.