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The Westmore Music Ministry Department is grateful to have many unique and creative productions throughout the year. As this area of ministry continues to grow and become increasingly innovative, we are always interested in ways individuals can effectively use their giftings beyond singing and musical instruments. If you are interested in any area of music ministry, we would love the opportunity to speak with you! Please contact the Music Department at 423-813-3433.

Cherubs Choir

Ages 2 through K
These energetic children make for one of the most exciting choirs. Their expressions alone are a joyful experience. They practice during the Wednesday evening service and sing in the sanctuary throughout the year.

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High Praises Choir

Grades K – 5
This children’s choir practices during the Wednesday evening service and sings in the sanctuary throughout the year. This age group also participates as leaders in the Westmore Kid’s Ministry on Sunday sharing some of their songs. In addition, this group, along with the Children’s Drama Troupe performs at least one major musical per year.


Student Choir

Grades 6 – 12
This vibrant choir consists of middle and high school students who sing with excellence unto the Lord. They rehearse each Sunday evening in the Student Center. This talented group ministers in the sanctuary on a regular basis, as well as student ministry services and events. They also participate in annual competitions, such as Teen Talent.


Student Orchestra

Grades 6 – 12
This talented group consists of middle and high school students who work together throughout the year. This group performs occasionally, and enjoy participating in competitions.


Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir rehearses weekly on Wednesday evenings, ministering through music on Sunday mornings and providing special programs for holidays and other special events. This choir is comprised of individuals intending to offer a sacrifice of praise through the ministry of music. The repertoire ranges from Choral Classics to Gospel favorites.


Adult Orchestra

This gifted group presents preludes, offertories, and accompaniment for the sanctuary choir, as well as provide special music for various church programs. Most of the sanctuary orchestra members have formal training and a broad background in music, allowing the execution of difficult pieces with minimal rehearsal time.


Ensembles, Soloist and Musicians

Ensembles are formed by the Music Pastor and are made up of choir members. Selection is based on sight-reading, vocal and blending ability as well as choral experience and audition.

The role of an accompanist is a privileged one with unique and challenging responsibilities. The individual who provides accompaniment for worship must possess special skills and sensitivities, which go far beyond the musical expectations for his/her role.


Heritage Choir

The Heritage choir is an exciting way for all ages to become active participants in music ministry singing songs we love to sing from our heritage. This group meets to rehearses throughout the year.


Offering the Cleveland area instruction in the development of musical skills which bring enrichment to life and increased opportunities for Christian Ministry.


Steven Allen

Music Pastor