Westmore Groups

Take The Journey

Being a disciple is a Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-empowered, life-long process of growing in God. Take the journey with us and find your place within the Westmore Family.

FOCUS Groups

Weekly On Sunday
Discover meaningful relationships in smaller groups. With a wide variety of options, you’ll find a space for deeper spiritual growth during these intentional and discipleship-oriented groups. Focus groups meet on a continuous basis throughout the year. We invite you to join these timeless groups and find what it means to be a part of the Westmore Family.

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Gathering Through The Week
LifeGroups focus on what you love and propel you into a better life. Do you enjoy the outdoors? There’s a LifeGroup for that. How about sports? We’ve got you covered. Find yourself to be more of an artist? You are going to find people that do life just like you, here! Or maybe you just want to understand the Bible better… there are groups that you can get involved in. Find individuals who share your interests and invest in yourself by discovering community through LifeGroups!  Groups rotate every 8-12 weeks. We invite you beyond Sundays to LifeGroups, finding your passions in God’s plan.

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Prayer Groups

Prayer is foundational to our faith and our church family. Jesus said that His house is to be called “a house of prayer” (Matthew 21:12a, a quotation of Isaiah 56:7). Westmore has a variety of prayer opportunities to get involved in from praying for the needs to praying for our Nation and the world.

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Vera Voznyuk

Discipleship and Assimilation Pastor