Building For The Generations

A Personal Letter From Pastor Kelvin

Intergenerational ministry has always been at the heart of the Westmore church. In a world where division and separation are increasing, the Westmore church reaches with care, nurtures with word and worships with passion in a way that promotes unity among generations.

We believe God has destined this church to be an ambassador of His message around the world. Cleveland, Tennessee, is where we are located, but our message is for both those here and around the world. As the enemy seeks to spread darkness and separation, we combat his plan with light and the message of Jesus Christ. Empowered through His Spirit, Westmore has a significant impact in our local community, and at the same time, God has positioned us to make disciples around the world.

Building for the Generations is an investment in those who share the mission and the vision of Westmore, but it is also for the generation to come. Psalm 78:6-7 reads, “That the generation to come might know, even the children yet to be born, that they may arise and tell them to their children, that they should put their confidence in God and not forget the works of God…” Building for the Generations is about providing a place for fathers to tell their children about the good deeds of the Lord, and at the same time, it is for people who haven’t been born yet. It is for those who know of God’s goodness and for those who don’t know God yet.

Won’t you join me as we launch in to this new phase of Westmore ministry? Together with God’s help, we will Build 4 the Generations!

Building For The Generations Campaign

Building for the Generations is more than just building with bricks and mortar, it involves building people. A central question for all of us at Westmore is, ” How do we build people in the areas of discipleship, fellowship and in the large group worship experience?”

As we reach with care to our community, we pray for creative ways to minister, for insightful methods to nurture. But, here is an equally important question: “Why would God send us people if we don’t have a place for them?”

In addition to spiritual care for our church and community, we must provide physical space for people to gather and experience worship, fellowship and discipleship.

We want to create a space for generations to come. We envision a new 1,200 seat sanctuary, complete with children’s worship space and fellowship space. Westmore can continue to be a place where Sunday morning gathering model is valued, a place where all generations come and worship and experience the power of the Spirit.

The estimated cost of the Sanctuary phase is 8 million dollars. This helps provide a 50,000 square foot facility for worship, word and discipleship.

The cost of this project is great. It is undoubtedly the largest financial investment that has ever been placed before us. But, the cost of not Building for the Generations is greater. We can’t allow a generation to rise up and not know the Lord. Not on our watch. So this is part of our reaching with care. It shows our children, our grandchildren and those not even born yet, that we will answer the call of God in our lives so they can hear the call of God in theirs.

The Children’s Wing

Children are at the heart of the Westmore family. We cannot build for the generations without the children in mind. We envision active, excited children participating in worship and growing in discipleship at Westmore. Simply put, our children deserve our best. For this reason, we want to provide a space where our children can have fun, learn and grow.

We want to provide space for our children, the children in our community and children who haven’t been born yet to be introduced to Jesus and learn to follow Him. Creating a space for our children allows Westmore to come alongside parents and caregivers in leading children for generations to come.

Designed with safety as the top priority, this level will have a drive thru drop off where parents and caregivers can quickly and conveniently go through the check-in process. The Children’s floor will host all Children’s ministries and will provide large group and small group meeting spaces.

Equipped with technology resources and themed according to the ministry plan, the Children’s level will be a place dedicated to worship and discipleship for children aged newborn through fifth grade.

New Westmore Sanctuary

The sanctuary at Westmore is a place for all generations. It is a place where reaching with care, nurturing with word and worshiping with passion all intersect on a weekly basis. The sanctuary is the hub where we gather to be refreshed, to be inspired, to be encouraged and to be instructed from God’s word. We go many different directions during the week, but the Sanctuary is the place we can all come together and experience the dynamics of the Westmore family.

For this reason, this space is vital. It is a place for young and old, both new believers and those who’ve walked with Jesus for years, to gather and worship. As our Westmore family increases in number, our need for space increases. We want to provide a place where people can worship God and connect with other believers.

Our sanctuary means so much to the Westmore family. It is a place of reverence and excitement. It is a place where we experience the spontaneity of the Spirit. When we gather together in worship in the sanctuary, we are fulfilling part of our life purpose: We believe God created us to worship Him and to worship Him in connection with other believers.

The main level of the new facility will house the Westmore sanctuary and gathering spaces. This level will serve as the main entrance for all who attend. Equipped with a lobby, fireside meeting space, kitchen, classrooms, music suite, green room and a 1,200 seat sanctuary, this level is the central hub for all Sunday activities. In addition to spacious gathering places, the main level will include a patio overlooking the beautiful Westmore property.

The Upper Floor

Building for the generations can’t take place without planning, strategy and training. Not every meeting is a large group Sunday morning experience and not all instruction happens in the sanctuary. Accomplishing the mission of the church in our community and in our world requires time, prayer and space. Each week, small groups, prayer groups and various ministry teams in the Westmore family meet to plan, pray and fellowship. Pastor Kelvin often says, “To get bigger, Westmore must get smaller. Our focus must be on small group discipleship and growing in Christ through accountability and community.” This area of the new Westmore Campus reflects a commitment to this type of intentionality.

These meetings may involve four or five retired ministers who meet for prayer each week, or it might be 40 or 50 ushers who meet to help facilitate the worship experience. Regardless of the content, each of these meeting groups and teams needs adequate space to engage in the designed activity. Ministry at Westmore doesn’t just happen. It is intentional and designed and strategic.

With this in mind, the design for the upper level of the Westmore facility is intentional and strategic. Accessed by the elevator, this level will feature classrooms, a media suite, a fireside lobby and a prayer room. These much-needed spaces present the Westmore family with opportunities to stay connected to its core values of prayer, training and community. Our goal is to create places outside the Westmore Sanctuary where people can continue to reach with care, nurture with Word and worship with passion in a smaller setting. These rooms will help merge the values that flow out of the Westmore Sanctuary through the effectiveness of small group ministry.

How To Get Involved

Here are some important ways you can get involved in Building for the Generations:

First, PRAY about your involvement. Your involvement in this campaign must be bathed in prayer. Pray about how you can contribute and pray about who will be affected by your gift. If you’re married, pray with your spouse and allow the Lord to direct you to a specific amount that you feel is a step of faith in your giving.

Next, PLAN your giving. Accidental giving never happens. Building 4 the Generations requires planned, intentional giving. This may mean you budget your gift on a weekly or monthly basis.

After that, PURPOSE in your heart to make your commitment a reality. Make your giving a commitment taken seriously by you and your family. Building 4 the Generations isn’t an easy task, and it will require faith and dedication.

In this campaign, you also want to PRIORITIZE. Prioritizing your gift may mean making sacrifices to your current lifestyle. Small sacrifices can prove to have a large impact for future generations. Giving up that weekly dessert or cutting back on extra things like the top TV package can help demonstrate how important this gift is to you.

Finally, you should PLEDGE. This is true with financial goals, too. Make a written pledge to the Building for the Generations Campaign. By doing this, it is a reminder to you of your faith gift, and it assists the church in their ability to properly plan for the finances of the campaign.

Building for the Generations is open to receiving appreciated stock, personal property such as jewelry, appreciated property like houses or land. You can commit unexpected cash or give from your excess bonuses at work. There are so many ways to creatively give. The important thing is that everyone give something.

You can visit and make a financial gift or contact our office at (423) 479-3415 to discuss additional creative ways to give. Also by clicking here, we have provided a “My Faith Commitment” card. If you choose so, you may print and mail in your commitment to P.O. Box 3442, Cleveland, TN 37320.

If there are any questions you may have, you can click here for the “Frequently Asked Questions” regarding the Building for the Generations campaign. You may find this PDF document helpful and can be printed for your reference.

Why Now?

Why now? Simple. God continues to bless Westmore in unprecedented ways. His sense of timing and direction bring us to this point in the life of the church. The journey of our property acquisition, and our strategic development of youth and senior adult ministries on that property, demonstrate the hearts of fathers turning toward the children and the hearts of children turning toward the fathers (Malachi 4:6).

Logistically speaking, our available space to gather and worship and invest in the next generation is limited. Westmore has reached the ceiling in capacity for growth and attendance. Our small group space and attendance space prevent us from reaching more people in our community. Why would God send anyone to us if we don’t have the space and resources to help disciple them?

Is attendance and having a large crowd the goal? No. But, the larger we grow locally, the greater the impact we have globally. As Westmore grows and disciples those in our community, we enlarge our fingerprint in missions and discipleship around the world. In that respect, our local growth impacts our church plant in Memphis and our partners in Kentucky. Our local growth provides greater opportunity for our work in Cuba and Nepal. Just like our gifts and talents aren’t just for us, our growth isn’t just for us either. We grow to help further the message. Our growth increases our reach; it enhances our ability to nurture and spreads our passion for worship.