Building For The Generations

A Personal Letter From Pastor Kelvin

Building intergenerational ministry has always been at the heart of the Westmore church. In a world where division and separation are increasing, the Westmore church reaches with care, nurtures with Word, and worships with passion in a way that promotes unity among generations.

We believe God has destined this church to be an ambassador of His message around the world. Cleveland, Tennessee, is where we are located, but our message is for both those here and around the world. As the enemy seeks to spread darkness and separation, we combat his plan with light and the message of Jesus Christ. Empowered through His Spirit, Westmore has a significant impact on our local community, and at the same time, God has positioned us to make disciples around the world.

Building 4 the Generations is an investment in those who share the mission and the vision of Westmore, but it is also for the generation to come. Psalm 78:6-7 reads, “That the generation to come might know, even the children yet to be born, that they may arise and tell them to their children, that they should put their confidence in God and not forget the works of God…” Building 4 the Generations is about providing a place for fathers to tell their children about the good deeds of the Lord, and at the same time, it is for people who haven’t been born yet. It is for those who know of God’s goodness and for those who don’t know God yet.

Won’t you join me as we continue into this new phase of Westmore ministry? Together with God’s help, we will continue to Build 4 the Generations!

Building 4 The Generations Campaign

Building 4 the Generations is more than just building with bricks and mortar, it involves building people. A central question for all of us at Westmore is, “How do we build people in the areas of discipleship, fellowship, and in the large group worship experience?”

As we reach with care to our community, we pray for creative ways to minister, for insightful methods to nurture. But, here is an equally important question: “Why would God send us people if we don’t have a place for them?”

In addition to spiritual care for our church and community, the recent construction of the Westmore Ministry Resource Center has provided a physical space for people to gather and experience worship, fellowship, and discipleship.

We have created a space for generations to come, which includes a new 1,250 seat sanctuary (“Family Room”), children’s worship space, and fellowship space. Having now completed construction, Westmore can continue to be a place where a Sunday morning gathering model is valued, a place where all generations can come and worship and experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

While the cost of this project was great, the cost of not Building 4 the Generations would have been greater. We can’t allow a generation to rise up and not know the Lord. Not on our watch. So the construction of this new facility was part of our reaching with care. We hope that it will continue to show our children, our grandchildren, and those not yet born, that we will answer the call of God in our lives so they can hear the call of God in theirs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why extend the Building 4 the Generations campaign?

The construction of our new 56,000 sq. ft. Ministry Resource Center has enabled Westmore to advance it’s mission of developing intergenerational ministry that reaches with CARE, nurtures with WORD, and worships with PASSION! Westmore wants to continue to impact the world through discipleship, relationship, compassion, and care. Paying off this new facility will allow Westmore to focus the full weight of its resources in furtherance of that mission and of our vision found in Malachi 4:6, “Let the hearts of the Fathers turn to the children and the hearts of the children turn to the Fathers.”


What is the financial goal of this extended campaign?

Because of the Westmore Family’s faithfulness in contributing to the initial Building 4 the Generations campaign, our goal for this two (2) year extended campaign is $1.5 million dollars.


When will this campaign end?

The official launch date of this extended campaign is Palm Sunday, March 28, 2021. This is a two (2) year campaign that will culminate in a massive Celebration Event to be held during Holy Week 2023; however, Westmore’s efforts to Build 4 the Generations will not stop in two (2) years. Intergenerational ministry will always be at the heart of the Westmore Family.


Will new members be given the opportunity to join the campaign?

Yes! New members will be encouraged to participate in this extended Building 4 the Generations campaign. Since opening the new Ministry Center, Westmore has experienced an explosion of guests and new members! The vision for the development will be presented at each guest lunch and new member event. Also, at the halfway point of this extended campaign, we will host a special event to thank God for His faithfulness thus far and to invite new members of the Westmore Family to participate.


Are campaign gifts supposed to be “over and above” my normal tithe and offering?

Yes! They must be! Our normal operating expenses must continue to be met by your faithful support through regular tithe and offering. We can’t stop or hinder our current ministry to the community for this campaign. These “over and above” gifts allow us to accomplish the special goals of this extended Building 4 the Generations campaign.


When will we be asked to make our commitment?

Everyone at Westmore will be asked to prayerfully consider the amount of their gift and how they can participate in this special, extended campaign. Westmore leadership will be asked to make preliminary commitments. Then the entire congregation will be asked to respond by placing their pledge card in the offering bag, hand-delivering their pledge card to the Westmore Business Office, or mailing the same to Westmore Church of God, P.O. Box 3442, Cleveland, TN 37320.


Can my gift involve stocks or other assets in addition to cash?

Yes! A recent study shows that less than 14% of Americans’ assets are in cash. Property, stocks, and other non-cash options for giving are much appreciated. If you are interested in providing a non-cash gift, please contact Mike Watkins, Church Administrator, at (423) 479-3415. He will be happy to discuss this or other non-traditional ways to give.


Can I give to Building 4 the Generations online?

Yes! This extended stewardship campaign is available for our online giving community. Simply go to and click on the “Give” button at the top of the homepage. You can make a one-time gift or set up a re-occurring gift at your convenience.


What will take place on Palm Sunday, March 28, 2021?

On Palm Sunday (2021), the Westmore Family will be given a FIRST opportunity to make its commitments. Since this extended Building 4 the Generations campaign is based on faith gifts, we are asking for faith commitments. These commitments help us appropriately plan the finances for this debt-reduction phase. By partnering together, we can demonstrate our faith as a community and allow our leadership to show the financial strength of the congregation to banks and lending institutions as we move towards permanent financing. Palm Sunday will be a celebration for us. It will be a celebration of what God has done and what we believe God will do in the future.


Will my financial gift be made public?

No! Absolutely not! Westmore will continue to practice the highest integrity in handling sensitive information, including donor-related information. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Your gift and your personal information will NOT be distributed or made known to anyone other than those who absolutely must know for processing purposes. No outside institutions will be made aware of your personal gift(s) or the fact that you chose to make a gift to Westmore.


Can commitments be changed if necessary?

Yes. While your gift will be relied on for budgeting and other financial-forecasting purposes, you are free to increase or decrease your faith gift at any time should you feel the Lord lead you.


What if we raise more money or less money than the desired goal?

Westmore has always valued the principle: “Equal sacrifice, not equal giving.” This is especially true when it comes to giving. If we receive more than our stated goal, then we will thank God for His provision and realize that the additional funds better position us in our debt management. If we receive less money, then we will STILL thank God for His provision and continue trusting Him to meet our needs.

Westmore Ministry Pic
New Westmore Ministry Pic

How To Get Involved

Here are some important ways you can get involved in this extended Building 4 the Generations campaign:

First, PRAY about your involvement. Your involvement in this extended campaign must be bathed in prayer. Pray about how you can contribute and pray about who will be affected by your gift. If you’re married, pray with your spouse and allow the Lord to direct you to a specific amount that you feel is a step of faith in your giving.

Next, PLAN your giving. Accidental giving never happens. Building 4 the Generations requires planned, intentional giving. This may mean you budget your gift on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

After that, PURPOSE in your heart to make your commitment a reality. Make your giving a commitment taken seriously by you and your family. Building 4 the Generations isn’t an easy task, and it will require faith and dedication.

In this campaign, you will need to PRIORITIZE. Prioritizing your gift may mean making sacrifices to your current lifestyle. Small sacrifices can prove to have a lasting impact for future generations. Giving up that weekly specialty coffee or cutting back on extra things like opting for the top cable package will help demonstrate how important this gift is to you.

Finally, you should PLEDGE. This is true with financial goals, too. Make a written pledge to the Building 4 the Generations campaign. This will be a reminder to you of your faith gift, and it will assist the church in its ability to properly plan for the finances of the campaign.

You should also know that Building 4 the Generations is open to receiving appreciated stock, personal property (such as jewelry, art, etc.), appreciated real property (improved or unimproved land), and/or unanticipated cash assets, such as unplanned work bonuses. There are so many ways to creatively give!

Please visit to make your financial gift or contact the Westmore Business Office at (423) 479-3415 to discuss additional ways to give.  Should you have questions or wish to discuss your gift further, feel free to email Mike Watkins, Church Administrator, directly at