Active Adults ( Legacy 55+)

The Legacy 55+ group is an energetic group of Boomers (55-69) and Builders (70- ) directed by Pastor Phillip W. Looney, Minister of Intergenerations.  Plans for this ministry are as diverse as the ages itself.

There certainly is a the differences between the 55 year old who still works, has children in college, as well as taking care of an older parent, compared to the 80 year old retiree.  Our goal is to minister effectively to these groups and to allow our group to continue to add to the kingdom.


Those born before 1945

  • “Mature Adults”
  • Respond well to teaching
  • Sacrifice of self for others
  • Focus on group goals
  • Common values, ethics, (honesty, morality)
  • “We, Us, Pull together” (they won WWII)
  • Loyal to the institution
  • Success – Family, Community
  • Leadership by command, follow directions
  • Resistant to change
  • Common religious heritage
  • Concerned about people
  • Financially-Save, Save, Save
  • Spiritually-“What can I do for God?”
  • Church – “How Can I help the church?”


Born between 1946-64 (Don’t like to be called seniors)

  • “Middle Adults”
  • Respond well to interaction
  • May question authority
  • Focus on individual goals
  • Individual Ethics
  • “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”
  • Served by the institution
  • Success – career, inner fulfillment
  • Leadership by influence and ideas
  • Innovation valued
  • Minimal religious heritage
  • Concerned about causes
  • Financially – Spend, Spend, Spend
  • Spiritually – “What can God do for me?”
  • Church – “How can the church help me


  • Table Games & RefreshmentsOverview Room. Tuesdays at 9:30 am – 12 noon. Join our men playing Rook (‘Phoey’) and the ladies playing Mexican Train.
  • Men’s Panera Bread Fellowship, Thursdays, 9:30 am, Panera Bread, Paul Huff Blvd.
  • Keenager’s Monthly Tuesday Fellowship & Meal, 6:00 in the Commons! Bring a covered dish of food and we’ll supply the meat, bread and drinks. We usually have a guest speaker.
  • Cumberland Co Playhouse Trips twice a year! ONLY $50!!  We depart at 10:30 am, eat a delicious lunch, and then proceed to the 2:30 pm Show. We return to Cleveland by 7:30 pm. Your cost includes the show, a delicious lunch and transportation. 
  • Ice Cream Social, 6:00 pm. More info to follow.
  • Mercier Orchards Day Day Trip – Depart at 8:00 am and return at 5:00 pm
  • Pigeon Forge Fall Trip – Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud, Tanger Outlets, etc. We’ll leave Friday afternoon and return Saturday early evening.
  • Volunteer to minister at Legacy Village, Garden Plaza and Morningside communities! Contact Pastor Looney if you would like too. 
  • Communication – Facebook 55+ page, Church Website and Legacy 55+ Looney Tunes newsletter. We desire to keep you informed of all the latest events.