Child dedications are nothing new to the church. Jesus himself was taken to the temple to be dedicated, and during his earthly ministry; children were brought to him for his blessing.

Child dedication is a special time to celebrate new life. We recognize that this new life was created by God, belongs to God, is a gift on loan to us from God, and must be dedicated to God. We recognize that the dedication itself does not impart salvation to the child, yet it is the commitment by the parents to train up their child in the fear and admonition of the Lord according to God’s Holy Word.

We believe parents are given the task by God to be the primary spiritual influencers of their children. As a community of faith, we also believe the members of Westmore Church of God have a responsibility to partner with parents in their efforts to disciple their children. For this reason, our dedication service has two parts:

1) The 9:30 a.m. private ceremony with family before church
2) The concluding ceremony with the Westmore church family during 10:00 am worship

Child Dedication ceremonies are normally performed on the fourth Sunday of the month. In some special cases, like if family members serve over seas; adjustments can me made in the schedule.

To schedule a Child dedication, you need to contact the children’s ministry office about a month in advance. You should email the parents full names, the child’s full name, all contact information, and include a picture of the child to be used on the screen during the dedication. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm the child dedication date along with additional instructions.

We look forward to this exciting celebration of life and to partnering with you to disciple your child to be a believer on a spiritual journey Reaching with Care, Nurturing with Word, and Worshipping with passion!

Many Blessings,
Pastor Ginger Robinson