Dear Parents or Guardian:

Your child has expressed interest in baptism. We typically do baptism on the third Sunday of each month. Prior to baptism there is about a 2 to 3-week process of preparation including the baptism testimony video we need to shoot 2 weeks before baptism. When we baptize our Westmore Children’s ministry kids, the baptism testimony video serves three great purposes:

  • The process of preparing the video helps kids learn how to articulate their faith story,
  • The video helps communicate their faith story to the church family and to any whom you show the video to like out of town family and friends, and
  • the video is something they can keep forever to remember this faith defining moment and even share with their own children one day.

Imagine being able to show your children today a testimony video from your life when you were their age. This could be very powerful and formative in their life as it helps to secure their identity knowing that this is who we’ve been and this is who we are. We are the body of Christ.

Along with this letter there should be a baptism teaching guide you can review with them. We use this, along with the baptism testimony video, to teach other kids about baptism on the day your child is baptized. Also, there is a baptism video questionnaire sheet to go over with your child to help them articulate their faith story and prepare for the baptism video shoot.

You can email to schedule a baptism video shoot. This starts the process to prepare for baptism. We look forward to this great step of faith development in your child as they identity with the body of Christ through the sign of baptism.

Pastor Ginger Robinson
Westmore Church

Click here for the Baptism Prep Packet PDF